On the Job Stress

Asian Woman biting a pencil while looking at a laptop computer screen.
Asian Woman biting a pencil while looking at a laptop computer screen.

It is easy to discern that today it is the norm for people use medications to treat ailments, including their workplace stress and anxiety. However, there are ways you can lower stress naturally and in the long term can help you even prevent the effects of stress from becoming an issue. Learning these natural coping mechanisms and integrating them into your daily life can greatly alleviate the stress you feel at work, and in other areas too.

Stress in and of itself should not become an illness. We should look closely at what the stress events are (which will happen!) and then at our reaction to them. How you react to events can make a big difference in whether your work time is enjoyable or miserable. A positive attitude can go a long way toward lowering stress, but there are also other techniques you can use to feel more relaxed as well.

I have typically had a good slew of go-to tools for mitigating the effects of stress. But in actuality, it has really been my techniques for reacting to stress where I have found the most success and pleasure. My favorites are dancing and laughing (for me, they frequently go hand-in-hand!) As I have gotten older, setting myself up for a good day has been key. I have tried to teach my girls that a great day starts at night. My eldest was able to put this to practice when she went to college and back home in the pandemic, still uses it!

Anatomy Of A Really Great Day For Your Wellness

Wholesome health does not only entail responsible eating habits and maintaining a physical workout routine. Without an enabling attitude to life and a positive mental disposition, most days will be doom and groom stealing the fulfillment that comes with hard work.

Sustainable Sleeping Patterns

This is by far the hardest for me to accomplish! It is also where any stress that is not fully dissipated or addressed shows up for me. Insomnia! Sleep cycles have to be consistent for your body to be invigorated before embarking on your daily routine. Without enough sleep, your vital organs get into overdrive which leads to fatigue and loss of mental sharpness. This makes you ineffective in any work environment and a couple of hours end up feeling like a lifetime. Ahhh. I know this to be true all too well.

Poor sleeping patterns often cause people to binge eat leading to complications like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases in the long run. It will definitely show on your physique with visible bags under your eyes, grogginess and premature aging. A good night sleep for a minimum of 7 hours goes a long way to set your day straight. And your life. For real. Just go to bed. I have learned that I need to get off of the electronics two full hours before bedtime. I have a strong journal (read: Brain dump) practice before bed that has made a real difference quickly!

Morning Stretches

Not everybody is a morning person and for most people, they struggle to wake up and when they do, they are like zombies around the house. Stretching is beneficial for different muscle groups and joints. It also improves blood circulation to the entire body and stimulates a pleasant mood.
According to the American College of Sports Medicine, stretching lets you start your day with a burst of energy, makes you more flexible and also enhances your coordination. Stretching is an instinctive response for all human being and helps you attain a great posture. DO tHEM!

Wholesome Meals and Hydration

How you feel through the day is greatly influenced by the food you eat. Balancing between proteins, fiber, nutritious carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins readily found in fruits will sustain your energy levels all day. If your hours only allow for one complete meal a day go for a heavy breakfast as it will keep you full for the better part of the day.

It is Important to plan ahead for meals to avoid fumbling over menus or stuffing yourself with junk food. There is no nutritional value in eating processed food and due to their high salt content, they leave you susceptible to high blood pressure. Junk foods, on the other hand, overwork your vital organs and make you feel hungry and fatigued after a short while.

Your healthy diet should include proper hydration throughout the day. Drinking 2-3 liters daily is not only refreshing but also elevates your moods. All organs depend on water to function smoothly and great days demand efficiency from all your systems. Another gem dropped. It really means a lot.

These are a few things that you can do that can help you out in the morning. Try them one at a time if needed. Build a habit with the one strategy that is easiest to implement and track your mood and other changes.

Managing Stress

Anyone will tell that the COVID-19 pandemic and its deep, rippling, fallout has only increased stress. Some of that stress has fallen squarely in the employment sector, including entrepreneurs, with increased competition, increased demand on leaner staffs, parenting/educating kids from home while working, and on the relationships in the workplace as people are all coping differently and bringing it to work.

Physical Ways to Treat Job Stress

When you want to handle your job challenges better, getting physical can really help out.

Try these activities:

  1. Hit the gym either before or after your workday.
  2. Go for a walk on your lunch hour – you’ll burn off some worry and see new things.
  3. Squeeze a stress ball or rub a worry stone to give yourself something to focus on.
  4. Take a long, hot shower or bath when you get home and let it wash your cares away.
  5. Take a moment to take some slow, deep breaths whenever you feel stressed. The extra oxygen will relax your muscles and give you greater clarity in your thoughts.

What alleviates your job stress might be different than what works for someone else. Experiment with different techniques to determine what works best for you. Once you see what works, you can use it regularly to keep your job stress to a manageable level.

Practice with more than one technique so you always have a variety of stress-relieving choices, regardless of the situation.

Mental Ways to Handle Job Stress

Consider using these mental stress-relievers:

  1. Read a lighthearted and enjoyable book.
  2. Watch a movie that makes you smile and laugh.
  3. Talk with a loved one about a happy time you shared. Reminiscing can be very good for you.
  4. Pray or meditate about your concerns and how to deal with them.
  5. Recite positive affirmations to yourself each day, before and after work.

Staying positive about any challenges that you’re facing at work is a great help in times of worry and anxiety. While you may not be able to change the circumstances that you’re involved in, you can change how you choose to react to them. When you consciously choose to display positive reactions, you empower yourself to move forward in your life.

Sometimes, medications for stress-related conditions like anxiety and high blood pressure become necessary. However, you may be able to avoid needing these if you use healthy techniques to manage issues at work.

By practicing stress-relieving activities, you may not need medication at all, or may be able to reduce your dependence on it. Of course, if you’re already on medication, it’s important to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your prescribed regimen.

Finally, taking action to move forward toward your goals and dreams will also help lower your stress levels. Aligning your passion with your purpose is the best thing that you can do when you want to alleviate job-related stress. When you have strong goals and something to work for, you can focus on thinking positively instead of ruminating about stressful situations at your job.


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