About Me


Leslie’s passion lies at the intersection of freedom and pursuit of happiness. She uses dance and humor as her tools to bridge gaps between people and circumstances. As a Body Positive Life Enrichment and health coach, she endeavors to give practical tools to clarify, connect, and expand our consciousness in all areas of life and employs positive psychology strategies that empower women to unapologetically accept themselves and realize their life’s vision.

Currently, I am pursuing an Advanced Holistic Practitioner Diploma and have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science, Master’s of Business Administration, focusing on Organizational Leadership and Equity, and a Master’s of Public health. Additionally, I have a variety of health, fitness, and wellness certificates from industry leaders including National Academy of Sports Medicine, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, SCW Fitness, and Zumba. A former educator and vocational coach, I am happiest when helping others and learning and researching to continually develop my skills and knowledge.


I had a happy childhood growing up with a younger sister near Oklahoma City. Our parents relocated the family to rural Texas and have basically stayed, save for some wanderings! Currently, I love and live in Austin with my husband and two daughters.

I am called to coach women who have achieved a lot but have not quite yet brought their wildest dreams to fruition. I believe that once you truly tap into the creative force you become the architect of your life. By positively impacting the lives of the women I work with, they positively impact the lives of their families and communities.

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