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Coaching and Mentoring Services that inspire you to take action to reach your goals.


From Burnout to Balance: Managing Stress to Bless Your Biz and Life

Break free from stress and burnout in this transformational group coaching program that empowers you to de-escalate stressful situations, and achieve and maintain a calm mind, body, and spirit while getting your coins and living the life of your dreams.

The Fierce Academy

The ultimate course for self acceptance. This group or private program disrupts those thought patterns that have led to low self-esteem, decreased self-worth, and lack of confidence.

The Fenix Academy

Life Enhancement Coaching that is personalized and designed to empower you to achieve your aspirational vision.

Concierge Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Personalized and individual coaching packages to clarify vision, develop a plan, master skills, and achieve goals. Contact me here for a discovery call to get you further along on your journey.

Events and Workshops

Case Studies
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Case Study A

Laterrica A.

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Case Study B

Briana L.

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I am Leslie’s biggest fan. Her dance classes and workouts are motivating, fun and you just want to keep moving. So effective in helping me get on the right track and lose weight.

Erin S.

If you are looking for a fitness coach or trainer that is responsive and encouraging, then look no further. Coach Leslie is skilled and knowledgeable but more than that, she is human and compassionate. She is upfront and open about her struggles and shares freely the lessons she has learned. Every body is made to feel like a star in live classes and in personal meetings, you are always validated right where you are. She guides you to make better choices and has a plan to give you nudge when you don’t quite do it yourself. I love what working with her has done for every area in my life.

Danixa L.

Let’s build something great together.

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